Thursday, February 19, 2009

French Fashion Fetish

My first blog is dedicated to Coco Chanel and all of you who have a fetish for french fashion. Here are three of the best Chanels belts I've seen in a while. Let you fantasies run wild with chains, metal and corset style belts by the famous house of Chanel.

Gold Metal Links
Chanel Made in France stamped with a 2 interlocking cc logo and a 5
dangling interlocking C on end
36.5 end to end inches with a single hook closure the rings measure 2 inches across


I "Heart" the Corset Style
Chanel Paris Made in France stamped lots of dangling gold metal hearts in a black leather quilted stitch pattern corset style
Per stamp size 80/32 end to end excluding buckle which is stamped Chanel on back just shy of 33 inches
Width at widest part just a bit over 4.5 inches


A rare collectable stamped piece with a nice weight to it and a dangling gold metal circle at the end which reads Chanel 31 Cambon Paris with interlocking Cs. The reverse has a Coco Chanel profile and reads Coco Chanel Paris France. Stamped Chanel 93 P which indicates this is from the Chanel 93 Spring Collection, there are other numbers on the stamp I'm not sure about what they indicate.
Measures 35.5 inches end to end with a one hook on the end


For more information on these pieces please contact me at and include the title above, your full name and country that you are contacting from.

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