Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fashionable Fall Color Chanel Jade Barry M Mint

Green is the new black this fall. As I'm sure most of you know Chanel will be launching their new color Jade in October. This exciting new color was seen on the Chanel Fall 09 runway and if Monsieur Lagerfeld has his way it will become the new Vamp. (Ah I love that color!)

If you can't wait until next month you may want to try Mint Green by Barry M.
I have a bottle still tucked away in the suitcase that I haven't unpacked yet. My friend Suzanne and fellow fashionista and blogger from was wearing it when we met in London this summer so I just had to be a copycat and buy the same.

Hmmm..I can't wait to see if the french women jump on this trend since from what I've seen here most don't wear nailpolish and it is a rare to see someone with any color other than the traditional nudes or red for a special occasion so stay tuned!

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