Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Black Sheep-Les Arts Decoratifs Fashion Expo 1990-2000

When I was first starting my business I had the pleasure and honor of meeting Valerie Steele Chief Curator of the Museum at FIT in NYC
She encouraged me to go against the grain of what most vintage dealers were buying and selling and stick with my interest in later designers. 
So with Valerie's blessing I decided to ignore some of the fellow vintage dealers who rolled their eyes or turned up their noses when I told them I was a "vintage dealer" that focused on and loved the 1980s-2000 pieces. I was the black sheep of the vintage world buying and selling pieces that many people didn't consider vintage. I didn't have a crystal ball or the years of experience other dealers had I just bought and sold what I considered to be interesting.
This year in particular I've been very successful focusing on later pieces. More and more museums are incorporating the later pieces into their expos and in the auction world more recent designs have realized some phenominal prices.
So if you are like me you might want to visit the History of Fashion Expo dedicated to fashions of 1990-2000
  at Les Arts Decoratifs in Paris.
Nov. 25-May 8, 2011
For more information please visit
The above photo is from Les Arts Decoritifs 
Lanvin by Claude Montana 
Haute Couture Spring/Summer 1997
photo by Guy Marineau

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