Monday, January 18, 2010

and the Answer is...MAISON MARTIN MARIGELA

an the answer is: Maison Martin Margiela

Friday's top is from 2008 and created by hand using pieces of reflective squares similar to what you find on a disco ball and retails for 7,560 euros.

The broken record dress (one of my favorites)
Autumn-Winter 2008 collection
Crepe silk decorated with discs 33 and 45 lps. The discs were cut and then heated and molded to fit body shape. This took 33 hours to create and retails for 5,625 euros.

The dress is made from vintage buttons with embroidery on a silk dress to create a pattern effect of pixels. Two rectangular pieces of 100% silk cloth are assembled to form the dress. The front is embroidered and embellished with various pearl buttons, metal and plastic to form the mouth. This took 25 hours to create and retails for 4,650 euros.

Photos from including these items for sale and more from this fascinating collection.

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