Monday, January 11, 2010

A Gray Winter Day-MANIC PANIC

Paris like a lot of cities is dull and gray today. I have cabin fever and am counting the days until I can go on my next vacation. New York is one of my favorite desitinations and I'm always thrilled to see Tish and Snooky when I'm in the Big Apple.

Manic Panic opened in the late 70s on St. Mark's Place in NYC catering to the punk rock and alternative crowd. Tish and Snooky's store sold hair dye and cosmetics in virtually ever color imaginable and 30 years later the Manic Panic colors are showing up on runways and in boutiques world wide. These women are amazing. They have created a very successful company and their products are now sold in every corner of the world. True fashionistas, amazing business woman and did I mention that they sing pretty well? They were Blondie's original back up singers and it is always a thrill to see them on stage!

For more information on their incredible story and to buy some color to brighten up a gray day check out

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